Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Charlie Butterfly's story begins in the fall of 2012. 
In a small town near our village, we were enjoying the last of the warm fall days....
At our favorite buger joint.
 We ordered 2 of the best hamburgers and fries this end of the Provence.
While I sat waiting for Mr.B to bring me my burger, I took a few shots of myself with my new iPhone... 
(, everybody does it!!!)
When I heard a small "mew"... 

I looked away from the camera to see a skinny kitten pounce on and wolf down a black butterfly
that landed on a near by tree!
I practically screamed at my husband to "hurry come save the butterfly"...
The cat ate it so fast there was no saving the little winged creature.

My husband picked up the cat and brought it to our table...
OMG! This poor kitty was so thin and weak..
When I ran my fingers over his back all you could feel was his bones bumping along my finger tips....
No wonder he gobbled up that bug!
That's the first picture (above) I got of Charlie on the drive back to our home.
He went under the car seat, he's so weak and tired.

We shared our burgers with him, asked the owner of the establishment were the kitty came from?
He didn't know...just showed up one day.
 This little guy was too small to leave behind, how could we?
So, we informed the owner of the burger joint that we were going to take this 
little fella home and care for him!
(In case anyone should come round and ask)

We called him Charlie because he looks so much like my first love~
 Charlee Barlee..

But this Chalie's "B" stands for "Butterfly"!
lol...poor butterfly!
My grandson Lu, would tell you his name is "Batman" !!!
A very "odd" thing about Charlie is that he always smells like flowers, or something sweet..
I've never smelt that on a cat before!
He smells as good as Eli. after a bath!!!
                                    He's so gentle. My daughter, and baby grandson T. love him too.
                                                      (below)Even when in play he is gentle.

 He was small enough to fit in my house robe pocket 
 I would tote him around. 
   Slowly Charlie put on weight, in time I could no longer feel the ridges of his once bony back. 
He got stronger and healthy, and a beautiful personality blossomed.
 This fur babe loves his mommy so much, he puts his paws around me (above) and                               
                                         reaches up for if to say thank-you mommy.
He's made a best pal in Missy. 

he plays well,
Hes eating well,
 sleeps in peace when he needs


He's had his shots, when he was well enough, we got him a wonderful lady vet who
 neutered and tattooed his ear so he wont get lost. 
He's a happy boy, he plays all day and get hugs at night.
Saving Charlie Butterfly
Just days after we brought him home, a freak snow storm took the whole Provence.
Not unusual for Canada, things got frozen very quickly.
(above you can see the grass is still very green under the snow...)
My granddaughter Bylla and grandson Eli. are playing in that first snow fall.

My outside flower boxes are withering in the cold snow.

One day we were enjoying burgers and the sun, and the next day its snowing!!!
I shudder to think what would have happened if we didn't go for burgers that day.
Charlie being so small, out doors and hungry.
 I'm glad we brought him him home for he would have surely froze that night.
That's Charlie B wrestling with the vacuum...January 2013
He thinks hes protecting me from the anaconda that shows up in our home every day...
Ha, I don't tell him...
I just say thanks...thanks for saving us Charlie, what a blessing you have been!